Update March, 2018

Thermoelectric Stove Resources for 2018 Challenge

This page provides a list of resources for everyone interested in thermoelectric wood stoves. The goal of the thermoelectric competition is to spur innovation and showcase the very first successful prototypes of wood stoves that make electricity.  To do this, we want to create a community of people who can learn from each other, share knowledge and resources and potentially even work together.

General Information on Thermoelectric Generators Books on or Related to Thermoelectric Generators

Examples of Wood Stove Thermoelectric Generator Products and Projects Thermal Design and Analysis Associations and Trade Shows for Thermoelectric Related Issues and Companies Government Agencies and Universities Conducting Research on Thermoelectric Generators

Videos of Thermoelectric Wood Stoves Companies that Sell Thermoelectric Generators and Accessories If you have additional links to add to our resources page, or if there are problems with a link, please email Ken Adler at